Alive and Well

Nearly a full two years and an Octopress 3 migration later, and here I am again. I told you I didn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. Evidently, I have not had anything important enough to say in the last two years to commit it to writing here.

That isn’t to say plenty hasn’t happened since then: a church meltdown, a new job, acquiring Presbyterian and paedobaptist theological convictions, a summer of condo repair hell, and yet another church move. And to top it all off, we’re now a family of five: we welcomed another daughter into the world, Tatiana Rose, on March 7th.

Another interesting development in my professional life: the sense I had earlier about contributing to the tech community in a more public fashion has now borne some interesting fruit. Even though I traditionally like public speaking as much as Donald Trump likes coherent thought Megyn Kelly, I responded to some good-natured prodding from my boss and submitted a conference presentation proposal this past summer. Lo and behold, my first ever attempt at such a thing was approved!

Consequently, I’ll be presenting a concurrent session talk at Mobile Dev+Test 2016 in San Diego, entitled “Scalable and Collaborative iOS UI Test Automation in Swift”. This also indicates that I’ve branched out a bit beyond Ruby/Rails and web development. The Techwell Insights blog recently published a post of mine that briefly covers the motivation for my talk and serves as a little bit of a teaser.

In the coming weeks I’ll be putting the finishing touches on my Mobile Dev+Test presentation, and coding up a quick iOS app to demonstrate the XCTest UI automation concepts I’ll be covering in my talk. I imagine that could spawn another blog post of two depending on how that goes. In the midst of adjusting to the new baby and enjoying my paternity leave from work I do have a couple side projects I’m hoping to make progress on. Those might generate some content here as well.

Until then, enjoy the fancy new-looking blog.

Jason Hagglund

Jason Hagglund
Husband of Tami. Father of Roger, Juliet, Tatiana, and Lily. Autism parent. Writer/tester of code. Eater of bacon.

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