I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, but I definitely had several things I wanted to start doing in 2014, and this blog was one of them. When things like this occur to me on or around New Year’s Day I like to sit on it for a while. My working theory is that if it’s something that I really need or want to do, it will stand the test of time and I’ll be just as serious about it later on, after the New Year’s smell has worn off.

This blog might have stayed on the back burner for another year (or longer), but I’ve been unable to escape the conviction that I have the ability to contribute positively to the Ruby/Rails community with my experiences and thoughts, and that it would be wasteful of me to continue not to do so. Hearing other folks reflect on what’s coming to be called Impostor Syndrome, the feeling many software developers (and human beings in general) have that they don’t belong and are in constant danger of being found out, has been inspiring for me. In a way, starting this blog might be my primary way of combating my own case of Impostor Syndrome. So here goes.

Check out the About page for a brief note about me and the vision I have for this blog. Keep your eyes peeled for content still to come. I’ve had a few things percolating in my mind for a while regarding test-driven development and the peculiar role a “test developer” (aka SDET) plays on a development team and feel ready to start committing them to writing. I did just return from RailsConf 2014 in Chicago as well, and was challenged in a few ways that may also inspire written reflection. I’ve also written some code lately that could easily merit a mention here. Look for some of this to start showing up in the coming days.

Jason Hagglund

Jason Hagglund
Husband of Tami. Father of Roger, Juliet, Tatiana, and Lily. Autism parent. Writer/tester of code. Eater of bacon.

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