Nothing, Really

Apologies to Martin Niemöller

Then they came for the children of immigrants and asylum seekers.

And I did nothing, really, because they aren’t my children.

And what terrible thing has ever happened in my life, that I could ever fathom fleeing for mercy to a foreign country, even if illegal?

But I thought and prayed about it.

I even told my Facebook friends I was horrified.

This is not who we are, is it?

And when my bigoted friends peddled their lies and propaganda, claiming “they’re lawbreakers”, I thanked them for adding their perspective.

Because Proverbs says there are two sides to every story.

When the bigots were called to account for their lies, they raised cries of persecution. “We’re being bullied for our love of God and country,” they wailed.

And I sided with the bigots and chided the truth-tellers for being divisive because God is love and division is of the devil.

The noisy agitators are disrupting my grace and peace.

And all throughout, I kept my theology straight and my manners proper.

May the caged children be comforted.

Jason Hagglund

Jason Hagglund
Husband of Tami. Father of Roger, Juliet, Tatiana, and Lily. Autism parent. Writer/tester of code. Eater of bacon.

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