My identity can be summed up thusly, in order of importance:

  • Christian believer (presently churchless, it’s complicated)
  • Husband to a beautiful, wonderful woman who is my best friend
  • Father of four awesome children, a son and three daughters, the oldest two being on the autism spectrum
  • Software developer focused on continuous integration, developer tooling, and test automation

Although my life’s work is at the bottom of the queue, it will nonetheless inspire nearly all of this blog’s content. Over the years I’ve come to greatly appreciate the role of dialogue and feedback in sharpening one’s craft, so comments that are not trollish and asinine are welcome. I will, however, be rather strict about removing comments I find abusive, cruel, spammy, etc., as well as banning such offenders. So, this is your “don’t be a jerk” warning.

Riotoföne as a title is nothing more (or less) than an outgrowth of some humorous office banter at a previous job. We thought “Riot of One” would be an excellent name for a heavy metal band, but it would be even better if combined into one word and decorated with a well-placed umlaut. Since I’m a music spectator rather than a music performer, I thought the next best use of the name would be for this blog.