Apologies to Martin Niemöller

Then they came for the children of immigrants and asylum seekers.

And I did nothing, really, because they aren’t my children.

And what terrible thing has ever happened in my life, that I could ever fathom fleeing for mercy to a foreign country, even if illegal?

But I thought and prayed about it.

I even told my Facebook friends I was horrified.

This is not who we are, is it?

And when my bigoted friends peddled their lies and propaganda, claiming “they’re lawbreakers”, I thanked them for adding their perspective.

Because Proverbs says there are two sides to every story.

When the bigots were called to account for their lies, they raised cries of persecution. “We’re being bullied for our love of God and country,” they wailed.

And I sided with the bigots and chided the truth-tellers for being divisive because God is love and division is of the devil.

The noisy agitators are disrupting my grace and peace.

And all throughout, I kept my theology straight and my manners proper.

May the caged children be comforted.

Mobile Dev+Test 2016 was a great experience all around. I learned a ton and even had my mind blown a couple of times in ways that may well revolutionize my work in the software test engineering space. My first ever tech conference talk went surprisingly well. I left the conference happy to come home to my family and my job, but also freshly appreciative of the wider software development community and eager to keep contributing.

What follows is a somewhat brief recap. I may expand on certain points in the coming weeks.

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Why don’t I just blog on Medium with all the cool kids? I have several responses. First, I’m a control freak and am only moderately repentant about it. I want to make my own website, not borrow space on somebody else’s. Second, I like writing code, and the Octopress/Jekyll platform makes me feel like a proper coder even when I’m just blogging. Those two items make the extra work worth it to me. And yet there is a third motivator that is more to the point of this post: I get an opportunity to play with Docker, a technology I have grown to love, and to boot, I get to continue my love affair with Heroku, my favored PaaS. It just so happens that a Dockerized website is not only fun, but also useful. Hence, I’m motivated to write this post detailing both the why and the how, especially since I had to fumble around a bit to get this to work right and thought others attempting this feat might benefit from my experience.

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Nearly a full two years and an Octopress 3 migration later, and here I am again. I told you I didn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. Evidently, I have not had anything important enough to say in the last two years to commit it to writing here.

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I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, but I definitely had several things I wanted to start doing in 2014, and this blog was one of them. When things like this occur to me on or around New Year’s Day I like to sit on it for a while. My working theory is that if it’s something that I really need or want to do, it will stand the test of time and I’ll be just as serious about it later on, after the New Year’s smell has worn off.

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